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This is because they’re not actually ‘working in Kuwait’ per se, but instead working on a US government contract providing support to the US military.

The troops deployed to Kuwait obviously don’t follow Kuwait labor law, they’re governed by the US.

And anyone who’s ever had to rely on that mode of transportation knows planning a vacation isn’t possible; as you can easily wait days, even weeks for a flight in or out.

Unfortunately, as years have passed, US contractors became confused about their actual employment rights.

They basically flew in via Mil-Air and were provided a CAC as identification.Finally, the above statements are simply my understanding based on former professional experiences. If there are grave concerns or questions, the US Embassy website in Kuwait provides a list of qualified Attorneys who are more than willing to assist.Oh, one more ‘finally’ — FNs are a totally different story all together.They’re sub-contractors who should be governed by local labor law because, regardless of who they’re providing support to, they’re employed by a local company.I could go on and on about their very unfortunate situation.

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